As an architect, specifier or construction professional, you don’t want products; you want solutions. Solutions you can count on to solve your sub-floor problems first time, every time; Solutions based on decades of technical experience and expertise; Solutions backed by superior service and support, from concept to completion.

Our technical team understands the high demands and fine tolerances of modern construction. That’s why all Marldon solutions are designed in a way that considers the wider implications, as well as solving the specific problem. After all, there’s no point in fixing an acoustic issue in a way that just creates a new problem with height or heating.

Marldon can also take our expertise further, offering bespoke solutions tailored to individual, unique problems. Our team love a challenge, and will work with you the find the answer from drawing board to delivery.

Sound reduction without compromise on weight and space.

Damp subfloors can seriously slow down a build.

Some sub-floor systems can add significant weight to a flooring solution

They say that high quality flooring solutions are thin on the ground

Underfloor heating is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

Modern sub-floors can be constructed in a wide range of materials

To ensure the appearance of your floor is as good as the performance


Having created a beautiful, high performance hardwood floor