Whatever your personal preference when it comes to design, you’ll know that great sub-floor preparation is the foundation for any perfect floor and one of the most important aspects of your flooring project.

Whether working with an historical building or a modern high rise, many issues arise which need addressing in order to satisfactorily achieve specification demands and without the best quality products, you’re taking a risk. Damp problems, acoustic requirements, weight concerns and height issues are just some of the challenges to be met. Added to this situation is the question of whether a mix of products will work together. What guarantee will I have? Is there support available?


British Standards have been upgraded confronting issues such as environmental impact, workers health and building health. The ever changing market can add confusion as the older solvent-based products are rapidly becoming out of date, yet longevity of the new replacements is equally of concern to both customer satisfaction and your reputation.

With years of expertise within the flooring industry, development and testing has proven HSP’s and Havwoods Accessories’ Marldon™ products to be at the forefront of today’s evolving and challenging marketplace. Working in conjunction with reputable industry leaders, we have developed a cohesive range that provides you with a build-up solution for use in any environment.

Founded on the principles of reliability, high performance and sustainability, HSP’s solutions have been specifically developed for professional use, from concept at the design stage, to completion with the contractor, ensuring you always achieve the highest quality results yet at an extremely competitive price. Click here to view our build-up specifier that allows you to choose the complete sub-floor solution for your bespoke build in seconds.

HSP can also take our expertise further, offering bespoke solutions tailored to individual, unique problems. Our team love a challenge, and will work with you the find the answer from drawing board to delivery. Contact us today.