Underfloor heating is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient and has many advantages, right from initial installation, through to the reduction of long term energy bills. It’s also completely hidden from view so aids the design process.

However, it can also pose real problems when it comes to your flooring choices, often restricting the options available. For example, in many modern luxury developments, such as hotels and apartments, sound dampening solutions are required alongside underfloor heating. Traditional sound proofing solutions can add up to 20mm in thickness to the sub-floor, significantly reducing the efficiency of the underfloor heating.


Working with partners such as Ambiente (Underfloor Heating) and Gyvlon (Screed), HSP has developed StrataBase: a sub-floor solution that is designed with thinner profiles and enhanced thermal properties (low tog) to work in harmony with underfloor heating, so your build can enjoy warm floors without losing additional benefits such as sound reduction.

StrataBase consists of a tough durable acoustic Strata underlay that gives a 49db sound reduction and is highly compatible with underfloor heating; plus our low-VOC and VOC-free Marldon MXA200 woodfloor adhesive. This adhesive is the perfect complement to your environmentally friendly heating, creating a complete green solution that contributes towards BREEAM rating.

Contact us today to see how StrataBase can complement your project and get the most from your underfloor heating.