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Marldon Easter Tin

We all like to do our bit for the environment, no matter how big or small. Next time you have an empty Marldon MXA 200 tub, why not do your bit and put it to good use rather than throw it away? Were you lucky enough to receive one of our ‘A Taste of Things to Come’ tins? Why not reuse it?

We’ve pulled together a few ideas of how you can use our containers on your desk, in the van or even at home to give you a bit of inspiration.

Stratabase Roomset

In an age where green builds and sustainability are increasingly important, there’s a lot of responsibility lying with architects, specifiers and construction professionals. However, it can be argued that sustainability starts much sooner in the supply chain. In this article, we discuss the important role that suppliers play in providing environmentally friendly products.

As the old saying goes, “a workman is only as good as his tools”, a saying that is especially true in modern times as specifiers, architects and construction firms strive to achieve ever increasingly sustainable buildings. Prestigious accreditations, such as BREEAM and LEED are sought after in the latest developments and a lot of the responsibility for achieving them falls to those tasked with designing and constructing the building itself.

However, although it is these groups who are responsible for selecting the most environmentally sound product options we could argue that the battle for sustainability starts much sooner with the companies who are striving to develop products that meet and exceed these standards. A building, like many things, is only as good as the sum of its parts and we felt it was time to shine a light on some of the companies who are making excellent advancements in providing eco-friendly products and encourage others to do the same.

Marldon Stand - Specifi Design


At the end of November, we headed to London to be part of Specifi Design #2 at The Crypt on the Green in London. For us, the aim of the event was to showcase Marldon UK products and our solutions for flooring projects across a range of systems and build types.

The Crypt on The Green was a brilliant venue; the vaulted ceilings and stunning parquet flooring were a great backdrop for the evening which was headed up by a talk from TED-STYLE speaker, Martin Brown. Drawing from case studies in his latest book ‘FutuREstorative’, he argued that reducing building footprints alone isn’t enough, and revealed how we can reimagine carbon to address climate change.

After a 3 course dinner to fuel our hungry Specifiers, we were given the chance to chat to them about their projects. It was insightful for us to speak with architects and specifiers about the challenges they face regarding flooring build-up and to share our experience and solutions with them.

Your Complete Wood Flooring Solution Partner: Marldon UK

Installation, Maintenance, Refurbishment

Reliable. Sustainable. Trustworthy. Marldon UK: The professional's choice designed by the professional, to create products which fulfil your needs.  Using our 45 years' experience in the wood flooring industry, drawing from Vincent's wealth of knowledge, and innovating along the way, we have the complete solution!

Acoustic Properties:

Amongst other features that need to be considered when constructing residential or commercial structures, one of the most important are the acoustic properties. The design of flooring within buildings is now integral to achieving a sound-proof layer between one floor and another, and ensures a resident or occupier is not interrupted by noise above or below. But, how does it work?

Our beginnings

As part of the strategic growth of our established parent company, Havwoods Accessories, HSP was launched in March 2015 to provide innovative and reliable sub-floor solutions to the specification industry. Working with developers, specifiers, architects, designers and contractors alike, HSP has supported large scale commercial and residential developments including The Shard, The Corniche, London City Island Phase 2 and One Tower Bridge to name but a few!

There are many reasons why high quality new builds choose solid, engineered, reproduction or reclaimed wooden floors, such as for aesthetics and of course, durability. These floors can last an extraordinarily long time so for an impeccable finish and resilience a high performing sub-floor is not only key to the installation of the timber flooring but also aids quality living for many years to come.

Acoustic floors provide a huge contribution to sound reduction in buildings and here at HSP we’re passionate about delivering the very best performing systems for all projects. Whether an exclusive development or renovation, apartments, offices, shops or schools, our solutions will guarantee a peaceful user experience for your build.

Whatever your personal preference when it comes to design, you’ll know that great sub-floor preparation is the foundation for any perfect floor and one of the most important aspects of your flooring project.

Whether working with an historical building or a modern high rise, many issues arise which need addressing in order to satisfactorily achieve specification demands and without the best quality products, you’re taking a risk. Damp problems, acoustic requirements, weight concerns and height issues are just some of the challenges to be met. Added to this situation is the question of whether a mix of products will work together. What guarantee will I have? Is there support available?

Underfloor heating is both environmentally friendly and highly efficient and has many advantages, right from initial installation, through to the reduction of long term energy bills. It’s also completely hidden from view so aids the design process.