The 87 storeys of The Shard tower over 300 metres above the city of London, creating an iconic addition to the famous skyline. Marldon UK provided a sub-floor solution that allowed for flexible movement of the wooden floor in response to heating and air conditioning.


The Problem

One of the most striking features of The Shard is its walls of windows stretching toward the sky with enough glass to cover eight football pitches. These provide huge amounts of light to the restaurants and offices, but also attract a great deal of sunshine, causing significant fluctuations in floor temperature.

Wooden flooring naturally expands in direct sunlight, and contracts when the air conditioning kicks in to restore the temperature balance. However, traditional flooring adhesives are rigid and do not allow for such expansion. To further complicate matters, the sub-floor was constructed from two different materials, part metal and part plywood.

The HSP Solution 


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