In the heart of Westminster, surrounded by the capital’s most important buildings, Great Minster House is one of London’s most perfectly placed luxury apartment developments. Marldon UK saved over a month off the build time by providing a damp proof flooring solution that did not require the concrete to be fully set.


The Problem

Time is money in construction, however cutting corners is never advised, especially in luxury developments priced at up to £3.2m.

One of the key features of Great Minster House is its engineered parquet flooring, which creates a luxurious style statement in each of the 61 apartments, from studio to penthouse. However, in order to lay such a floor, there can be no moisture present in the sub-floor. This can mean waiting up to 60 days for a 60mm concrete screed to fully dry out, as this process can take as much as a day per millimetre.

The HSP Solution


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