Royal Arsenal Riverside is an exciting new development that will offer remarkable apartments with views overlooking the River Thames and towards Canary Wharf. Marldon’s bespoke subfloor system delivers high specification sound reduction and dependable damp proofing within a tighter than anticipated budget.


The Problem

Great sub-floor preparation is the foundation for any perfect floor and one of the most important aspects of a project, especially when working with statement wooden floors. This project has bespoke requirements with a required finished floor height of 30mm and an acoustic resilient layer to meet Part E Regulations. The timber floor is 14mm, leaving only 16mm for the subfloor system. Plus the timber flooring also demands a damp proof membrane (there can be no moisture present in the sub-floor), when the original specification did not allow for this; a potentially huge impact on the budget.


The Marldon Solution

Working alongside Berkeley Group who have created this contemporary development, we developed a build-up of high performing compatible products with exact material thickness guaranteed.

  • The durable acoustic underlay, Stratafoam, designed to attenuate impact sound at source, meets Part E Regulations and is highly cost effective
  • Damp Proof Membrane – the specified product is a strong layer that protects the timber flooring from moisture, has a low profile and is easy to lay
  • The system also included 2 layers of Fibre Board which made it possible to loose lay the timber flooring on top, saving time and money as an additional adhesive layer was not required.
  • This system provides the ideal base for the construction of the statement wooden floors, delivering to the specified height build up as well as to budget.